Testimonials from parents about The Grind program and culture.

Basketball during a pandemic

“I’m a time of such uncertainty and stress Terrell and The Grind came up with a safe and fun way to keep our kids engaged, keep their skill level up and keep up their love of the game – all while staying safe. When this pandemic hit in March, many of us had no idea what the future of basketball would look like and we still don’t have all the answers but instead of sitting around waiting, the innovative team at The Grind decided to get a plan in place to keep the kids active. It started with living room workouts via zoom and once allowed, they moved to outdoor courts to participate in small group training sessions, all while maintaining social distances. As the province relaxed more restrictions they were able to increase the group numbers slightly to keep things fresh and keep the kids engaged. I have always admired Terrell’s dedication to these kids and to the game of basketball and because of that dedication, our kids have been able to do the thing they love most – play basketball!”

Robyn & Chad

Terrell and his team have helped our son to grow his love for basketball

not only through playing his beloved sport, but through rigorous training and physical fitness. Terrell is a gifted player and coach – he blends passion and fun with firmness and high expectations in his teaching of diverse youth in our community. Terrell not only teaches ball, but leads by example with his focus on what it takes to be a complete athlete. His focus is on the whole player, from skills to team- work, from strength to stretching and flexibility, from basketball IQ to goal-setting is very effective. The Grind is a well organized and well run business, and Terrell engages with both the youth and parents in a fun and professional manner. Terrell has brought out the best in our son as a basketball player and we are grateful to have his amazing leadership.”


Great principle and values

Love the no BS coaching style, and the great principle and values Terrell has. And the management is great!”


He loves you and the game

“We as a family have found your program to be absolutely amazing. You challenge these young kids but in a real uplifting way. You make them feel positive about themselves so they work harder. Speaking for myself I have seen. A dramatic improvement in manavs abilities since you started coaching him. And what you did during this pandemic was amazing for the kids and for us as the parents. – Sincerest Thanks Biki ○ As you know, I’ve been extremely grateful to you and your program through this pandemic. Your dedication and consistency have been outstanding. You were able to give my son something to look forward to during those early, bleak days, and you got him up and moving. He loves you and the game- thank you for building such a great community that we are proud to be a part of!!”


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